5 Ways to Make Your Move Stress Free

5 Ways to Make Your Move Stress Free

Moving is one of those things that probably makes you cringe. Just the thought of having to move your company to a new location can stress you out even if the move itself is still months away. Since you can’t just snap your fingers and have everything packed, moved and unpacked, you need to know what you can do to reduce — and possibly even eliminate — stress on yourself and your employees during an office relocation. Here are our tips.

1. Purge

The more stuff there is to pack, move and unpack, the more stress everyone in the office is going to experience. There is no time like moving to remove any unnecessary items from the workspace. Employees should be encouraged to take desk knickknacks home that they really don’t need at their desk. If there are any loose cables lying around, these should be eliminated as well. This is also a good time to get rid of any unnecessary paperwork that has been piling up. Make sure to recycle anything that can be reused and consider selling or donating items that the office doesn’t need any longer but that someone else may find useful. There is no reason to take up space in the moving truck that could be used better for other purposes. After all, an uncluttered work area leads to better overall production and happiness.

2. Clear Your Calendar

Once the decision has been made to undergo an office relocation, it is crucial that you start clearing your calendar and planning for the move now. It isn’t a good idea to wait until the last minute, as this is when problems arise. It’s hard to come up with effective solutions in the heat of the moment. Make sure that you establish a timeline that includes when employees can begin preparing for the move and what times of the day (as well as which days) can be used for cleaning and packing. It is also a good idea to create a checklist for employees so that they are fully aware of what is expected of them, which can help significantly reduce their stress.

Make sure you establish a timeline that includes when employees can prepare for the move.

3. Save Your Boxes

Make your office relocation a bit greener by saving any boxes that come into the offices. Those boxes that the printer paper comes in are perfect for moving, as they’re designed to hold up under a heavy load. Other boxes, such as those that carry office supplies and printer ink cartridges, work just as well for lighter loads and smaller items, such as personal items from your employees’ desks. Save any box that comes through your office doors in the months leading up to the move. It will drastically reduce your moving costs by not having to purchase boxes from the moving company.

4. Protect Your Valuables

It isn’t hard to lose important things when you’re moving, but the last things that you want to lose are valuable documents related to work. Whether it is a report and its accompanying presentation for the big meeting next week or the research that you’ve conducted on a new client, it is crucial that these items are safely packed into a box that has been clearly labeled and is easily accessible.

5. Delegate packing

While it’s great to tackle the packing part of the moving process, it is recommended that you step back and allow the professionals at Expert Relocation Systems to come in and do the heavy lifting. Employees are more than capable of packing up their own desks and even some of the minor office belongings. However, a lot of your office equipment and items truly deserve the care of professional hands. The experienced and professional movers at Expert Relocation Systems can easily take the stress out of your upcoming company move and make it so that you can put your focus on far more important business-related things.

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