Frequently Asked Questions

When should I get a quote?

Relocating your office can be a very stressful ordeal. To help ease this transition, Expert Relocation Systems recommends getting a quote at least four weeks before you plan to move. Call or email us today to schedule a survey: 512-431-3875 info@expertrelocationsystems.com.

What should I expect when the moving consultant arrives to perform a survey?

When the moving consultant arrives, there five basic questions that you will need to answer:

1) To where are you moving?
2) When will you be moving?
3) Will you pack your office on your own?
4) Which items are to be moved?
5) How did you hear about us?

The consultant will walk with you through your office. He will take notes of all items to go, any services that may be required and estimate how many boxes or crates you will need. He will need to see everything that is to be moved to make sure that the proper equipment is available on move day.

Your consultant will need to prepare the estimate from the office. You should expect your quote no later than 48 hours after the survey is complete.

Remember – your moving consultant is knowledgeable and friendly, so don’t be afraid to ask any questions no matter how obvious the answer may seem.

Are there different types of estimates?

Yes, there are three types of estimates: binding, not to exceed, time and materials. Different moving companies may title these estimates types differently, but the basic function remains the same.

A binding estimate establishes the cost for the move. This is the amount you will be required to pay whether the actual work is more or less than estimated. Binding estimates are for surveyed items and quoted services only. If additional items are moved and/or services are performed, additional charges may apply.

Not to Exceed:
A not to exceed estimate establishes the maximum amount you will be required to pay. Upon completion of service, the actual cost will be calculated. You will pay the lesser of the actual and estimated cost. Not to exceed estimates are for surveyed items. If additional items are moved and/or services are performed, additional charges may apply.

Time and Materials:
The total estimated cost of a standard estimate is not binding. The estimated cost is just an estimate, and you will be required to pay the actual cost for all services performed whether more or less than estimated.

Receiving a binding estimate does not necessarily mean that you will pay the estimated cost. Some estimators/moving consultants will intentionally leave items off of their Table of Measurements in order to underbid their competitors. On loading day, the driver will confront you on the items that are not marked “to go”, and you will be forced to pay for the “additional” items.

Should I tip the workers?

If you feel that the workers have gone beyond the call of duty, please feel free to tip them. A tip may be ordering pizza once they are done for the day or providing soft drinks. If you wish to give a cash tip, please give the total amount to the site supervisor to be distributed once the job is complete.

Do I need to be present when the crew is working?

While it usually not necessary for you to be present, Expert Relocation Systems recommends that someone be available for questions or comments and to grant access to the work sites. The crew may have questions about items or services, and not having anyone available could bring the operation to a halt.

What if a crew member does not meet my expectations

Expert Relocation Systems has carefully selected and trained its employees. However, if a crew member is not performing to level you expect, please notify your relocation consultant immediately. Additionally, you should approach your relocation consultant with any questions or comments. If there is a problem at the job site, we want to correct the issue as quickly and efficiently as possible.