Meet our Staff

Derrick Ellison began his moving career in 1999 while in college at Texas A&M University. Driven by the need to pay tuition, Derrick opened and managed Texas Relocation Systems, LLC for 4 years. After selling Texas Relocation Systems, he moved to Austin and joined up with Atlas Van Lines as a commercial salesman and project manager. Derrick worked with All Points Atlas from 2003 to 2008. During that time, Derrick learned the best practices in  commercial moving project management methodology and was responsible for many high-profile commercial moves. In 2008, Derrick amicably split off from the Atlas Van Lines system to join Kaleb Smith in an agile new commercial-only moving company. Armed with the knowledge of years of experience, Derrick co-created Expert Relocation Systems, LLC with the intent to bring on an approach to commercial moving vastly different than Austin, Texas had ever seen before.

Graduating in 2003 from the University of Texas at Austin, Kaleb Smith joined the moving industry as a VP Finance. Although his background is in corporate reporting, budgeting etc, his personality and process involvement naturally pulled him over into sales as well.  Kaleb and Derrick utilized their strengths and worked to together to pioneer a move management methodology for commercial moves which improved move process tremendously and allows for a swifter, more succinct relocation. This methodology has been applied to office moves large and small over the past 4 years with amazing success. Now, Expert Relocation Systems, LLC enjoys a client portfolio of over 600 clients ranging from small private firms, to fortune 500 companies and all the way to government entities. These days, Kaleb manages the financial side of Expert Relocation Systems as well running select projects as a commercial move manager.

Whatever the project, Expert Relo possesses the manpower, experience and equipment to execute a commercial move in the fastest and most efficient way it can be done. But dont take our word for it — please read our testimonials page and case studies page.