IT Relocation Services

One of the more challenging aspects of any commercial move is the relocation of PCs, servers, printers and other IT-related equipment. The quote we hear most from our customers is: “I need my network to be down for as little time as possible.”

We understand the highly critical nature of network relocation and we’ve developed tools and methods to minimize downtime and stress on the business owner/manager. We provide seasoned prospective and anticipate concerns which may compromise the integrity of the move.

During every move, our move consultant works directly with our client’s IT director to develop a plan and schedule strictly for IT equipment. We will provide dedicated manpower and equipment meant solely for the fastest possible relocation of IT equipment.

Expert Relo offers a variety of services related to IT systems relocation. The following services can be ordered based upon the complexity of the move:

      • PC disconnect, relocation and reconnect
      • Server relocation
      • Dismount and remount rack-based servers
      • Relocation of entire data centers
      • In special cases, we have moved server racks while still full of servers

Whether it be a small engineering company or a fortune 500 gaming company, Expert Relo moves network infrastructure as quickly and seamlessly as it can be done. Our experience helps guide our clients toward a successful relocation one step at a time.