About Us

Who We Are:
Expert Relocation Systems is a spinoff of a large Atlas agent which has served Austin for over 18 years. Created in November of 2008,

Expert Relo was formed around the idea of committing an entire organization to the service of commercial clients only – NO RESIDENTIAL. The owners both reside in Austin, Texas. Touting over 10 years of commercial moving experience, they are both highly involved in the operations of the firm. The operations of the firm are tooled from top to bottom to execute superior commercial moves. Combine the experience with this operation and you’ve found the firm who delivers the highest quality move available in Austin.

Why We’re Better:
Our Model – Our move management methodology incorporates a competitive advantage that sets us apart from every other moving company in Austin. Because it is a trade secret, we choose not publish it on our website. Please contact us for a legitimate walkthrough and bid and learn why we’re different.

No Cardboard Boxes – We offer the use of HIPAA approved crates as opposed to boxes. Crates are crushproof, lockable and stackable plastic boxes which roll on crate dollies. Why crates? Because they’re bigger than standard boxes, stack higher than standard boxes, and they roll. This saves space on the truck, time on your move and ultimately saves you money.

Commercial Only – We only accept commercial business. This allows us to tool our operations specifically for office and industrial relocation. The equipment we utilize on our moves is designed to protect your office furniture and fixtures. The personnel we employ are trained in commercial moving best practices.

Insurance – Expert Relo exceeds the Texas Department of Transportation requirements for a type “A” mover. We can satisfy the requirements of even the most exacting building owners and managers.

ZERO Claims – To date, Expert Relo has incurred zero claims for damaged articles. We proudly tout this figure as a testament to the quality of the personnel we employ and equipment we utilize.

Experience – You can feel secure that your move will be lead by experienced supervisors and carried out by experienced drivers and helpers. Our drivers average over 11 years of moving experience, and our helpers average over 4.

Pre-Move Meeting – We will work directly with your staff to review best practices for packing and labeling articles. We will provide this service at no additional charge.

3rd Party Coordination – We coordinate with copier vendors, IT vendors and other 3rd parties to ensure timing is properly scheduled. This also ensures that 3rd party products are properly serviced and prepared for the move.

Our Mission:
To provide the most efficient, highest quality and seamless to the client relocation available in the Central Texas Region. We will accomplish this goal through the use of the latest equipment available, well-trained personnel and the personal supervision of the relocation consultant.

Email us at info@expertrelocationsystems.com and our courteous representative will assist you with any questions!