Moving Your Office? Don’t Forget To Tell These Important People

Moving Your Office? Don't Forget to Tell These Important People

Moving your office can become overwhelming at times. With so much to get done, not to mention keeping your business running, you might unintentionally forget to alert everyone who needs to know about the move. To help keep you on track, be sure to alert these important folks about your impending move.


Maybe you have been quiet about your office move until all of the logistics have been formalized. That’s understandable, but don’t wait too long to tell your employees. Be honest, proactive and helpful. If you are moving the office away from public transit or major roadways, your employees may have to make new arrangements for transportation to and from work, child care, etc. Keep your workers happy by sharing your good news in a timely manner.

Customers and Clients

Right after telling your staff about the move, be sure to let all past and present customers and clients know. Send an email notification, mail out a formal letter that includes a map to your new location, and update your website with the news. Do whatever is necessary to let everyone know when and where you will be moving.

Service Providers

Handling office relocation smoothly requires keeping the doors open while the move is in place. This will mean juggling phone service, Internet connections, answering services, security, utilities, cleaning crews and any other service providers that your company uses regularly. Be sure to notify all of your service providers within 60 days of the move so that you can preplan your exit strategy from one location to the next.

Be sure to notify all of your service providers within 60 days of your move.

Insurance Providers

Insurance can be a tricky thing during a move. You want to make sure that your current policy will cover liability, theft and damage at both locations during the moving process. Schedule a meeting with your insurance provider 60 to 90 days before your move to ensure that the right coverage is in place.

Web Services

Your website, social media accounts, email and other web services should be updated before your move with the new address and phone numbers.

Business Partners

Do you work periodically with the coffee shop down the street? Send them a notice or make a quick phone call to let them know that office relocation is imminent.

Advertising Partners

Since a change of address requires you to reprint all of your marketing and advertising materials, use the opportunity to revamp and update your materials. Maybe even start an ad campaign designed to announce your move.

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Licensing and Certification Providers

Does your business (or its employees) operate under a license or certification? If so, be sure that all entities are notified of your office relocation so that you can continue to legally operate during and after the move.

Commercial Moving Company

Why handle such a big move yourself? Now is the time to bring in a professional company that knows how to relocate businesses without worrying about closing down for a few days (or even weeks). You want someone who can keep everything running smoothly before, during and after a big business move.

About Expert Relocation Systems

Moving an entire office or warehouse is an exciting, yet challenging transition for any business. Expert Relocation Systems offers an experienced team of professional commercial movers and office relocation team that can help you move to your new location as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Don’t let moving your office become a nightmare. Be sure to follow the tips above to ensure an easy transition to your new office that everyone can enjoy.

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