You Can Save Your Office Money by Saving Energy

Save Your Office Money By Saving Energy

A well-run office aims to spend as little money as possible on daily operations so funds can be available for things like expansion and employee bonuses instead. There are a lot of ways to trim expenses in the office, but few of them pay off as well as energy efficient changes. Trimming down the utility bills each month pays off in the long run, as long as everyone keeps following the same rules. Make these easy changes to see immediate reductions in your bills.

Lighting Improvements

The flickering fluorescent bulbs used in most older offices don’t save much energy and hurt productivity by causing headaches. Swap them out for LEDs carefully adjusted to provide the same intensity and color of daylight. Daylight is the most productivity-boosting type of light, and long-lasting and energy efficient LED bulbs are far less expensive than skylights and sun tunnels.

Blocking Heat

Tired of running your A/C at top speed all summer? Block out the heat by installing inexpensive window films or basic blinds. If you’re planning to relocate your business soon, consider a location surrounded by mature trees to provide shade for a cooler summer.

Switch to Laptops

Many offices still use desktop computers because you can order inexpensive and basic business towers in bulk from the major manufacturers. However, switching to laptops means using 1/5th of the amount of electricity. Set up work stations for your team to use laptops, which offer more flexibility, including sitting and standing positions. The options for more ergonomic work will improve productivity as you cut down on expenses for electricity.

Set Up Sleep Settings on Electronics to Save Energy

Set Up Sleep Settings

Every printer, display screen and computer in your office should shut down or go into sleep mode when it’s not in use for more than 10 minutes. These sleep modes save you hundreds of dollars on electricity over the course of a year, and they can extend the lifespan of your equipment as well. Consider automatic shutdown settings, too, so lights and electronics do not get left on over night or during the weekend. Don’t just use screen savers and expect to save energy.

Increase Air Movement

If your air conditioner isn’t keeping your office evenly cool anymore, you might need more blowers and fans to distribute the cool air. Adding cubicles, tall shelving units and other additions that block air flow change how the space cools and heats. An inexpensive blower upgrade might be all you need instead of overpriced cooling bills or a complete A/C equipment replacement.

Ask Employees to Adjust to the Climate

One employee wants the office to stay at 80 degrees year round, while another requests cooling anytime the temperature shows 65 degrees or higher. Request that your employees bring sweaters and their own fans to work so they can adjust their work area without making the entire office change for their needs. This allows you to set a lower thermostat in the winter and a higher one in the summer for continuous savings.

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