5 Criteria for Finding the Right Location when Moving a Business

Location matters. When searching for the right spot to open or relocate a business, there are a number of factors to consider. A business owner must examine the new location from several different viewpoints, as described below. Take a look at these five criteria before committing to a new office location:

1. Do you have access to new hires?

Employee talent is one of the most important criteria involved in operating a successful business. Before hiring relocation services for the business, make sure the new location is commutable for people with the right skills. This will make it so much easier to recruit local employees.

2. Can you raise capital?

Many venture capitalists are more apt to fund a business that’s nearby rather than one located halfway across the country. A business location in the same city allows investors and board members to attend meetings on short-notice, as well as avoid the hassle of arranging travel plans.

3. Is there room to expand?

Before settling on a specific office location, make sure there is ample space for the business to grow when the time comes. This is particularly important if the company handles inventory. No entrepreneur or business owner wants their physical location to stunt their company’s growth.

4. Will your team be comfortable?

Find an office space where employees will want to work. If it’s necessary to recruit key employees from other regions around the country, they are much more likely to relocate if the area appeals to them. For example, most employees prefer to work in an area within close proximity to social attachments or family.

5. How does the surrounding area look?

Pick a new office location in a building or area that is near other successful businesses. This provides a great opportunity to piggyback on their success by capturing customers and clients who are already in the area visiting those other business. If there is already proven demand for your particular product or service in the area, even better!

Once the perfect location (or close to it) has been leased, it’s time to hire a reputable corporate moving company to pack up the business and transport everything to the new location. Be sure to hire a reputable relocation service that agrees to visit the current office to get an idea of what needs to be moved. This pre-move visit helps the relocation company create a much more accurate and detailed moving price estimate. Don’t settle for a quick quote over the phone, especially if this is a big move.

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