Tips for Planning IT Relocation

Today, businesses are almost exclusively digital and rely heavily on their computers to operate in business. The information technology infrastructure and design is typically a major undertaking at a business and involves a combination of hardware and software. This is the case when wiring to servers must be interconnected through an entire office. In some cases, a business will have a separate room that maintains the server and specific temperatures and is often under lock and key. When a business is planning a relocation, the IT is an essential aspect to ensuring the business will be operational as quickly as possible.

If your business has a large or small IT infrastructure, it is very important that you connect with a relocating company that has the experience to handle this aspect of the move. Expert Relocation Systems is a professional relocating company based in Austin that has the experience to manage your IT relocation. There are several things that must be considered in the event a move is in the near future.

1. Inventory – The business must take a detailed inventory or wires, computers, servers, and other devices. This is both for security reasons and to ensure that the system will be recreated at the new location.

2. Backup data – A secure backup is essential to protecting a business from the worst-case scenario, losing data. If something unfortunate occurs during the move, the entire system can be restored. A great moving company will not even touch IT hardware unless it is assured in writing that a backup has been done. Even the most careful and experienced company can have an accident; the risk of not having a backup is too great.

3. Advanced planning – It is important to have a clear understanding about the amount of time necessary to recreate the entire IT system at the new location. In some cases, a business will plan accordingly and have its IT set up prior to moving. This might mean an overlap in offices; however, the added expense pales in comparison to being disconnected for a week or more.

It is important that a business is guided in the right direction when it comes to moving its IT systems. An experienced company like Expert Relocation Systems will explain each consideration and help a business make an easy transition without any major blips in its IT.


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