The Best Ways To Decorate Your Cubicle For The Holidays

The Best Ways to Decorate Your Cubicle for the Holidays

The 2015 holiday season is here, and as much as you want to get out there and shop, decorate and party 24/7, you still need to work. Instead of looking at your work time as a dreary time suck, take the opportunity to let your holiday spirit, charm and personality shine. Here are some of the best ways to decorate your cubicle for the holidays.

Add a Tree

Even if you have the smallest cubicle in the office, you can probably still find room for a holiday tree. While you might have room for a scaled-down version of the real thing, if you are crunched for space, consider a modern take on the old classic. Look into striking geometric designs that have a slim profile so they take up less room while still delivering a powerful festive punch.

Light Things Up

Lights always brighten things up — both literally and figuratively. Whether you are partial to colorful lights that blink so brightly that you can see them from afar or you prefer the more classic look of clear holiday lights, you can utilize them nearly anywhere. Even if you have a small space, you can drape them over the doorway, along your desktop screen or along the top of the divider between you and your neighbor.

Try Adding a Small Geometric Christmas Tree to Your Desk

Make that Cup of Coffee Festive

Splurge on an extra-large and festive holiday themed coffee cup to help power you through the weeks of the holiday season. Not only will the extra large size help infuse you with the energy necessary to get your work done, the cheery holiday design will bring a smile to your face each time you see it at your desk.

Add an Olfactory Aid

Most of the suggestions already noted have been for the visually inclined. If you find yourself being taken back to a time or place in the past with the whiff of a special scent, you are not alone. Many people associate particular smells with the holidays and you can take advantage of this to add a bit of cheer to your work space. Pick up several different holiday-themed scents that remind you of your favorite holiday and watch your office mates meander over to enjoy the delicious aroma.

Craft Up Some Decorations

Making decorations these days is as simple as finding a great pattern, printing out the instructions and setting to work with scissors, tape and a bit of glue. Paper ornaments are easy to make and put up. The best thing is that they can be found in large and small sizes so they suit your cubicle to a T.

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