Starting a Carpool at Work Has Many Benefits

Starting a Carpool at Work Has Many Benefits

When you hear the word “carpool,” your thoughts likely turn to soccer moms transporting their children and their friends to and from practice and other activities. But for many people carpooling is a part of their everyday lives. There are many benefits involved with sharing a ride to work, school, social events and more. Feeling left in the dark about carpooling? Here are the top benefits of riding with others.

More Convenient

Leaving the driving to someone else means you have less stress during your commute. Whether you fill that time with listening to relaxing music via your headphones or you take this opportunity to catch up on the latest news with your companions, you will arrive at your destination more relaxed and ready to jump into the next planned activity.

It’s Safer

It is no secret that many of the roads across America are congested by too many vehicles trying to get where they need to go at the same time. With the increased number of vehicles on the road, the chances of an accident occurring also rise as well. By forming a carpool with you and a few friends, you have the potential to reduce the number of vehicles on the road several times over.

You Might Have Your Own Lane

In order to encourage carpooling, many municipalities throughout the United States have roads with lanes that are dedicated to those people who are driving in a carpool. Not only are these lanes — often referred to as High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes — safer, but you might also reach your destination more quickly because there are fewer vehicles in them. You might be able to avoid backups and other slow downs that stymie drivers that are not carpooling.

Carpools Can Reduce the Chance of Car Crashes

Better for the Environment

With fewer cars on the road due to carpooling, the emissions from vehicles are reduced significantly. This directly affects the air quality of the region that you are traveling. In addition, studies have shown that adding HOV lanes has a positive effect on the air quality as well.

Saves Money

Of course, you would save money on fuel and wear and tear on your vehicle if you used a carpool. But did you know that you might also qualify for a savings on your insurance, too? In many cases, insurance providers offer their clients a reduced policy rate if they drive fewer miles than the average person. Check with your insurance agent for details.

Now that you know the benefits of a carpool, what are you waiting for? Starting one is not difficult. Simply touch base with your friends, family and coworkers who are going to the same destinations as you are and determine if you can carpool to benefit everyone and the earth.

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