Green Moving Tips

When it is time to move, you can make a big difference by employing green moving methods. Aside from adding pressure to your own life, a move can also damage the environment. Below, we outline a few green moving tips that will help the environment and possibly your budget as well.

Green Packing

It is possible to make a large move without buying a bunch of expensive packing materials. You might not have to buy anything at all. Look all around your house for items to secure your possessions. Check the basement, storage closets and the attic for old boxes, blankets, sheets, packing peanuts and newspapers that will make the moving process as cheap and green as possible. Some moving companies provide efficient re-usable, rolling crates. By using these items or re-using packing materials that you have lying around your house or business, you won't have to buy a bunch of new boxes that will eventually be trashed or just collect dust for years. Treat your boxes and packing materials with care so you can use them again in the future. Try to avoid purchasing Styrofoam and plastic bubble wrap, which can damage the environment. If possible, opt for bins and plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes. Plastic is eco-friendly and will last decades.

Consider Eliminating Excess Items

Instead of bringing along everything that you own to your new digs, downsize as much as you can. Recycle as many materials as you can, and give away useful items to those in need instead of putting them out to the curb. This way, they won't end up in landfills where they'll take up space and decompose. If you decide to donate your items to local charities, you can write them off as tax deductions. Or, hold a garage sale. It'll offset the cost of the move and help maintain a sustainable environment. If you have a surplus of paperwork, don't trash it. Shred it and recycle it. If there's too much for your home or business's shredder, hire a professional shredding/recycling company to dispose of the paperwork in the proper manner.

Green Cleaning

A move requires you to clean up your old space as well as your new one. This means that you'll need an array of cleaning supplies. Opt for eco-friendly cleaning supplies that won't damage the environment. Also, make use of old towels and clothing instead of paper towels, which can only be used once.

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