What is the AMSA?

Anyone who is planning a move should become familiar with the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA). This organization provides information to those who are moving in regards to their local moving companies and how to execute a move in the most efficient manner possible. It offers data and reports regarding the quality of moving companies and maintains a list of rogue groups of people who pose as movers.

The ProMover Program

The AMSA runs a program called ProMover that protects consumers from phony moving companies as well as poorly managed moving companies. It aims to help people find moving companies that are well regarded within the community. The program establishes a series of goals that high quality moving businesses aim to meet. Those that comply with the program's standards will receive the AMSA ProMover program logo that they can use on their website and advertising pamphlets, flyers and other materials.

Participants are a part of the “certified mover program” which means that the ownership of the company has been verified with the state corporation commission. It also indicates that the company follows the AMSA's Code of Ethics and complies with Surface Transportation Board (STB) and FMCSA regulations. The AMSA also reviews the websites of companies that apply for the ProMover program to ensure that the website has achieved a “satisfactory” rating with the Better Business Bureau and that it isn't engaged in any shady practices. The program is mutually beneficial to both customers and moving companies as it verifies the legitimacy of businesses and connects those businesses to potential customers.

AMSA Ethics

Moving companies that participate in the AMSA ProMover program are expected to be forthright and ethical with customers. They must offer high quality services in a timely and respectful manner. They should also strive to improve their operations at all times including the well being of their moving men and other staff members.

The Purpose Of The AMSA

The AMSA's goal is to help customers find high quality moving companies who provide reasonable prices. It also helps customers find the best local storage service providers as well. Check out the AMSA website to find all sorts of helpful information like tips to find movers, tips on how to execute a successful move and critical information on the rights of customers. If you do business with a company that doesn't follow the AMSA's ProMover program rules, report that business to the organization and they'll take steps to verify your complaint, which might lead to the company's removal from the program.

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