Tips for Packing & Moving

Packing and moving can be a time-consuming and stressful moment for families relocating. There is a big difference between packing for a two-to-three-week vacation and packing for relocating from one office to another or from an old house to a new one. It could be a difficult and challenging time for families, particularly if they fail to plan the relocation move very meticulously. There are also many hidden costs involved in moving. Why put your family through the stress of doing the work yourself? Whether you are doing commercial or residential moving in the Austin area, you can count on a very reliable leader in the moving business. Here at Expert Relocation Systems, we will safely and conveniently do the moving work for you.

Step One: Put Together Your Packing Supplies

Create a moving file or folder for this purpose. Things could get rowdy and disorganized sometimes, but using a file will keep your moving process very organized and less stressful. Start by putting together all the packing supplies you will need. Here is a list of important supplies you may need for packing your items in boxes:

  • Scissors
  • Marking pens
  • Padding supplies
  • Bubble wrap
  • Newspapers, including newsprint paper
  • Heavy duty packaging tape
  • Wrapping sheets
  • Labeling stickers

Step Two: Gather Your Moving Boxes

Go to supermarkets or stores like Walmart and ask for empty boxes. You can also buy empty boxes from U-Haul. Once you complete this step, start labeling your packing boxes one after the other. Use bold pen markers to label each container.

Step Three: Start Packing Weeks in Advance

For stress-free packing, begin early. Start about one month in advance of the anticipated moving date. Visit your new house to see the order that items will follow when packing and loading. Sort all your items in accordance to the rooms where such items belong. For instance, pack all bathroom items and supplies in boxes labeled for bathrooms, and do the same for the kitchen, living room, bedrooms and so on. Use “Fragile”-labeled boxes for all your fragile items, including plates, glasses, art collections and others. Make sure you pad your fragile boxes very well so as to avoid any breakage during the moving period. Use protective padding for all other boxes, even if the items are not fragile. This will help limit scratches.

Following these steps in this order will help you a great deal when items are being moved from the moving truck into your new location.

Contact Your Local Moving Company in Advance

Take no chances. Planning ahead is the trick to reducing moving stress. Contact your local moving company in advance. In the Austin area, you can contact the best and most reliable moving company to help you move your items safely. Expert Relocation Systems has many professional staff members to help you move all your items conveniently and safely.

Loading and Unloading Your Moving Truck

During loading and unloading your moving company will make sure that all boxes are in line with the order of rooms where the items belong. When off loading, the first items being offloaded will be in line with the order of the rooms where the items belong.  We will always use proper caution during the loading and unloading process to avoid common loading cracks or breakages.

For a stress free commercial or residential moving please contact us and let our highly trained staff do the work for you. You can reach us at 512-291-6683.

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