The Right Way to Move Your Home or Office

Just the idea of having to move the contents of your home or office can make your skin crawl. However, while thinking of all the responsibilities might send your brain into spin cycle, the moving experience is only as tough as you make it. Here are a few tips for preparing your home or office for a move and ensuring a smooth transition:

Give Yourself Time

Shortened time can cause stress and frustration. Giving yourself enough time to plan the move is essential to success. You should start planning for your move at least two months before the desired date to avoid tearing your hair out and sweating bullets during the week before the transition.

Hire Professionals

Why throw your back out if you do not need to? A professional residential and commercial moving company can perform the bulk of the work so you can relax and focus on other parts of your move. A relocation company can perform tasks such as coordinating your office or home furniture, moving sensitive electronic items, and packing and delivering crucial materials.

Downsize As Much As Possible

Trim the fat! Excessive items and unnecessary hoarded materials can slow down your move and cause confusion. You can save yourself aggravation by going through the desks, cubicles, dressers, and cabinets and throwing away items that do not need to move with you. “Fat” items include items such as clothing that no longer fits, outdated documents, broken electronics, mauled pens, and more.

Use Your Organizational Abilities

Office moves and residential moves are events that require excessive organizational skills and concentration – almost to the point of obsession. You can improve the moving speed and help your movers by placing items in categories with other like items. You will also want to use plenty of clear moving containers or cardboard boxes labeled with markers. A thorough organizational process will provide speedy packing and unpacking sessions.

Take Advantage of Technology

Finally, you can use smartphone applications to help you with organizing the items in your home or office. The Google Play and iTunes stores offer several organizational apps that can help you and your movers with object placements.

Stay mindful of these tips and you should ensure your successful relocation.

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