The Importance of Packing

Overstuffed Boxes

Though Expert Relocation Systems, LLC offers packing as part our service portfolio, our clients typically choose to pack their own offices in preparation for the move. Our consultants conduct a pre-move meeting about 1 week before move day to answer any questions, instruct on packing best-practices, advise on how use the delivered materials and equipment (crates, file carts, gondolas, labels etc) and generally look to make sure the client is empowered enough to adequately prepare her office for relocation.

Reason: if an office is not properly packed, the move will crawl. As the move crew is staffed to handle only prep work and actual moving, having to pack as well causes overload for the appropriated staff and the move will lose the capacity to perform at peak levels. Also, damage is more frequent when packing instructions are not followed. It’s important that boxes are packed securely, but not overstuffed. Overstuffed boxes create pressure on internal contents and don’t fit into stacks (which is where all boxes end up on the truck). A box that is packed securely (nothing rattling inside) while keeping the ability to close the lid in a secure and flush fashion.

Securely packed boxes

So, we urge our clients to utilize their consultant as a resource. He will help empower our clients with the information they need to contribute to smooth and safe office relocation.

Kaleb Smith
Commercial Relocation Consultant

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