The Best Packaging Material For Your Valuables

Moving an entire office can be extremely difficult. Between small loose supplies and large scale appliances, everything seems so fragile when it’s being packed into large boxes. However, there are packaging materials perfect for packing away those fragile items, keeping them safe and secure through storage as well as the big move. Here are just a few you might want to try.

Inflatable Products

Air filled cushions put a barrier between box walls and the items inside. They are resilient to popping and allow for items to slightly bounce about, without hitting each other, or the box itself, full force. It’s one of the best options for providing cushioning around objects large and small. These types of products can often be a little more pricey than the traditional newspaper packing method, but it’s much safer for the fragile items found in a commercial office building.

Packing Peanuts

The “traditional” packing material, these small peanut shaped foam pieces are meant to fill the empty space within packing boxes. This means, they create a cushion between small items. They even stop large items like fax machines or computer monitors from hitting the sides of the box they are packed in. Not only are packing peanuts affordable, but they can be used for a variety of different packing tasks, making them one of the best moving materials you can invest in.

Styrofoam Shapes

Large scale office items such as printers, computer towers, and scanners can be unique shapes that don’t fit with traditional packaging. This is where Styrofoam shapes come in handy. These sturdy shapes provide a cushion between items that fit into those awkward places that other packaging materials just can’t seem to protect. Pair these with another method for optimum safety of your office valuables.

When to use bubble wrap

Bubble Wrap

Great for wrapping up small fragile items and pairing with other types of packaging products, bubble wrap provides an air cushion for item safety. Be aware, however, that boxes that might go through rough handling may not be the best choice for bubble wrap, as harsh handling can cause it to possibly pop, putting fragile items in danger.

Who Is Expert Relocation Systems?

Expert Relocation Systems is a business that offers relocation services and work as local movers to help commercial buildings pack up and move with ease. We have expert materials; we use HIPPA approved crates, not boxes, which stack higher and hold more weight than standard boxes. This saves time for our team and room on our trucks, which saves you money.  Go with the team who has your best interest at heart and specializes in moving commercial businesses. Interested and want to learn more? Contact us today for a quote.

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