Steps for a Successful Office Relocation

Moving an office is a pretty major event, as you will have to stop work and move all the equipment needed to do your jobs from one place to another in the most efficient way possible. The more quickly and inexpensively you can do this, the quicker everyone can get back to work in their new environs. However, there are certain steps you should follow when moving from office to office so that it all goes as smoothly as possible. Below are the best ways to manage a successful office relocation.

Build the Right Team to Help You Move

Consider hiring both a team of movers and members of the office staff to help you move from one location to the other. The office staff should be moving their personal equipment and items, from computers and desk supplies to printers and fax machines. These can be loaded into rented vans or their cars. Pay everyone for the day of work, and maybe even throw them a party where dinner is served after the move is complete. Let the professional movers handle the desks, chairs, conference room table and other big office items.

Have Everything Planned Out as Precisely as Possible

Before the big moving day, sketch out where certain desks and other pieces of furniture should go, who gets which office, which department is located in which wing, and so on. This way, there will be clear directions and marching orders for everyone who is helping with the move on the big moving day. This will minimize confusion and help the actual physical heavy lifting to be done much more efficiently.

Purge Things You Don’t Need

As the move occurs, get rid of things you don’t need to take with you, from old pieces of furniture to old files that can be shredded. When it comes to furniture, it can always be sold or given to employees, if they want it. Then, you can buy new things for the new office, making it feel like a different environment, rather than a new building with the same items.

Start Early and Try to Do It in One Day

If possible, start early in the morning and make the entire move in one day. It’s worth it to hire many extra people, as this will save you money in the long run. The quicker you can start working again, the less the office-to-office move will cost.

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