Office Relocation: What Sets Us Apart from the Competition?

There are many moving companies that specialize in office relocation, and all of them claim to be the best. But what truly makes an excellent moving company? What services does a company need to offer in order to call themselves the best? There are many qualities customers require of movers who specialize in office relocation. We make a point to learn to focus on them all. From pre-move meetings with managers, to high-quality crews, to putting the last piece of furniture into place, we are quality commercial moving. 

Punctuality is one of our greatest qualities. Clients want movers who arrive promptly to their location, load the move quickly and efficiently and relocate office furniture and effects swiftly. We’re also proud of our crews. Expert Relocation Systems’ crews wear uniforms, are clean cut and are polite, courteous and problem solving for all of our clients. Professionalism is of the utmost importance and we strive to be the moving crew commercial entities desire for their relocation.  The Expert Relocation Systems staff is highly trained and we take pride in what we do. 

In each move we undertake, one of our company owners is involved in a hands fashion. Whether it be coordinating crews, holding the pre-move meeting with the client or arranging the final details, this policy ensures an accountability that few other moving companies can provide. With our owners overseeing each and every move, companies can be sure that their possessions are safe and in good, responsible hands. 

An Expert Relocation Systems moving consultant or project manager is also assigned to each job. This allows for companies to plan ahead for budget and timeline giving our clients the freedom to determine how they want their moves to be handled. Our company is skilled, lean and free of red tape so we can focus on what matters most – you! Our moving consultants and and project managers handle every detail from start to finish so that we know we do each job properly, every time. 

Once we’ve won your business, it becomes our top priority. We take care of packing, breaking down and re-installing office furniture, and carefully stowing and protecting office IT equipment. Our expert crews vigilantly transport each and every piece of office furniture from one space to the next. Best of all, companies only pay for the moving materials they use. If a company orders too much, that’s fine. We’ll reimburse for any unnecessary materials and supplies.

Many moving companies might claim to be the best, but only a few can live up to it. Expert Relocation Systems takes care and effort to address the points which set us apart. With our professional staff, competitive pricing, knowledgeable owners and precise moving process, a better option for a local commercial move in Austin, Texas does not exist. Have a move you’re planning? We have already provided a move similar to yours and will happily provide a reference for that successful move. In searching for the company to assist your next corporate move in Austin, Texas, look no further than Expert Relocation Systems. 
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