How to Survive the Office Move in one Piece

Moving into a new office location is beneficial to a business when the business goes to a better location or moves into a larger building. However, it can be a stressful situation to deal with all of the logistics surrounding moving, especially if the company has been in the same place for a significant period of time.

One of the most important aspects of surviving an office move is to spend time before the move organizing everything in the office. Make sure that all of the items are organized and in order so that the actual packing process is not more difficult than it needs to be. Color coding items based on priority, packing preferences, and whether or not they are fragile helps to keep everything in order. Choosing the appropriate packing materials also helps keep everything intact. A professional moving company can provide specific advice on the types of packing material that keep the business equipment safe, especially with specialty and custom equipment.

Office Relocation

Another major consideration on how to survive an office move is getting everything set up on location. It’s important to do set up as quickly as possible so normal business operations aren’t interrupted more than they need to be. The moving company should do the heavy lifting, including moving furniture and other major equipment, while employees can handle the smaller scale work and paperwork.

Data security is another major consideration for surviving an office move. Commercial movers generally are HIPPA compliant in their moving methodology, but it’s also important that employees do their part in securing sensitive paperwork as well. Look over all of the data and information security regulations relevant to the industry prior to contracting for a move. A data breach can cause a disaster with lawsuits and legal fees, so it’s important to avoid the risk entirely.

Moving an office is always going to be stressful, but with enough planning, foresight, and professional assistance, it doesn’t need to be nearly as bad as expected.

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