How to Create a Clear Labeling System for Your Moving Boxes

How to Create a Clear Labeling System for Your Moving Boxes

Did you know the average household will fill about 200 boxes with their belongings when it comes time to move new a new home? Well, businesses may have two to three times that amount, depending on their size.

With so many boxes littering your rooms, how can you keep track of all your stuff? Taking an organized approach to packing can help you find what you need when you need it. This begins with proper labeling.

It is vital that you create an efficient and easy-to-use labeling system to identify the boxes and what’s inside them. Most people simply write what’s inside the box on the top, but that can make it hard to find what you need.

Here are some strategies for labeling boxes.

Color Coding Labels

Giving each room of the office its own color can make finding important items and documents quick and easy. Anything that belongs in the conference room can get a blue label, cubicles can get a green label and supply room items could get an orange label. You get the idea.

By assigning every room its own color, the movers will know exactly where to place each box as it comes off of the truck. You can even tape a colored piece of paper to the door of each room, making it even easier for the moving company to know which room gets which boxes.

To color code your boxes, you can:

  • Buy colored labels
  • Tape colored pieces of paper to each box
  • Use a colored marker (permanent) to write on each box
  • Place a strip of colored duct tape to each box

Giving each room of the office its own color can make finding important items and documents quick and easy.

Numbering Boxes

If you find it too difficult to color code your moving boxes, try using a number system instead.  This can be especially helpful when you have a lot of rooms in your new office. Pro tip: when using a numbering system, keep several master key lists available for employees and the movers to use. Post them throughout the office and keep a laminated copy on your person throughout the move so you can quickly answer any questions.

Some Final Tips

Staying organized through a big move doesn’t have to be overwhelming.  The key to a successful move is to keep track of boxes and be able to find what you need once you arrive at your new location. Here are a few final tips to help you better label your packing boxes:

  • Remove old labels. There’s a good chance that you and your staff are reusing boxes from a previous move or project. If that’s the case, make sure that you properly remove any previous labeling from the boxes. Otherwise, all the hard work you put into your labeling system will quickly be undone. 
  • Place labels in the same spot on every box. It is much easier for movers to know where a box goes and for those unpacking to prioritize which boxes are dealt with first if they know where to look to find out what’s in it. Choose a place on the box (say the top right), and place labels there for every single moving box.

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