How to Avoid Identity Theft During Your Move

When an office or business has decided to move, the gears are set in motion for a lot of changes to take place. These changes have the potential to create a lot of confusion as things in the business shift from one place to another—such as computers, files, paperwork, supplies, and more. More importantly, management must make sure to be aware of sensitive data that is being transported. There exists the risk of identity theft as vulnerability is open to these criminals. They know that during a move is the perfect time to strike.

Why the Risk?

Identity thieves know that a business maintains various sensitive records that can aid in identity theft. Paperwork containing addresses, account numbers, tax ids, and even social security numbers may be filed away in a storage closet. Material like this either can be carelessly thrown away when cleaning things out for the move or a box just gets picked up from the hall and nobody notices during all the distractions of the move.

Steps to Take Early

1. It should be known where important documents are located and exactly where to double check forgotten paperwork in a storage closet.

2. Once everything of value is located, it should be logged and kept secure so it does not leave the company’s control.

3. Go digital. The business should buy a scanner and shredder to make transporting sensitive documents much easier. Also, a shredder is vital to utilize before throwing away old documents that are discovered while cleaning out the office. Scan, shred, and repeat.

4. Computers are moved last; it is recommended that all workstations should remain in place until all other items have been boxed and removed. The reason is twofold. First, there are many wires, routers, backups, and other equipment that are easier to handle when everything else is clear. Second, computers are the largest resource for identity thieves. The longer these computers remain in a controlled location, the less likely a criminal can get their hands on the information.

These are a few tips that will hopefully come in handy when planning an office move. We have years of experience moving businesses and understand the potential risks associated with a relocation. Our group of moving professionals take the time to review tips and systems in place to avoid any possible identity theft from taking place, to help ensure a stress free move.

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