Four Surefire Ways to Prepare the Kids for a Move

For many families, moving is inevitable. When children are involved, it can become an even more complicated process. While adults understand and accept the necessity of moving, it can oftentimes be much more difficult on kids. However, the transition can be smooth and positive for everyone involved. Here are some helpful tips to prepare the kids for an upcoming relocation.

1. Keep Children Involved

When kids are kept updated with what is going on in the moving process, the move will progress much more smoothly. Try things such as writing the moving date on a calendar and letting children know how many days are left until the move. Older children can be involved by packing their rooms or just their favorite items. It is also important for a child to be able to say goodbye to his or her room and the house.

2. Introduce the New Home and Surroundings

Take video or pictures of the new home and let the children look at them regularly until the move. Also, allow them to take pictures of the old house prior to the move. This will allow them to document their favorite parts of the old location. It is also a good idea to acquire a map of the new area and mark landmarks your kids may know about.

3. Throw a Going-Away Party

Throwing a going-away party is the ideal way to create lasting memories of the old home for children. Allow the children to help plan the event. Let their friends sign a t-shirt or stuffed animal, too. This allows the child to say goodbye to their friends and the old house.

4. Stay Positive about the Move

Even when parents are not thrilled about moving, they should remain positive for the sake of their children. Don’t constantly compare the old location with the new in a negative manner. The attitude that parents have regarding their new surroundings will rub off, which means it will make it easier for children to adjust.

Moving to a new location can be scary and overwhelming for kids. When parents implement the tips here, they can ensure that their children will adapt both quickly and positively to the new home and location.

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