Choose the Right Flooring for Your New Office

Choose the Right Flooring for Your New Office Your office space is where your employees get all of their work done, field client phone calls, grow your business and come up with innovative ideas. If the decor is drab and dark, it can dampen their mood. On the other hand, if the decor is bright and cheery it can enhance their mood making for a more productive and happier day. If your employees have been staring at the same office carpet or floor for years, it’s time to consider upgrading your flooring.

Why Flooring Matters

High traffic floors are beaten and abused daily. You stomp on them with boots, sneakers and high heel shoes, drag furniture across them and drop food and other messes on them. Office furniture provides heavy wear and tear. If you wear them down and after years of this kind of use and abuse, your floors will show their age.

Hardwood vs. Carpet

When choosing the right flooring consider your needs and preferences. Hardwood floors are a popular choice, but larger, more open office spaces might benefit from carpet for noise control. For second-floor offices, a hardwood floor may fair better because heat rising from the bottom floor will help keep the floor warm. But if your office temperature typically runs cold, you may want to consider installing carpet instead. The thick carpet pad and carpet itself will keep your employees’ feet warmer.

If your office temperature tends to run cold, consider installing carpet.

Different Types of Flooring

Wood Flooring

There are different types of wood flooring to consider such as bamboo, hardwood and engineered hardwood:

  • Solid hardwood floors made of real wood are beautiful and classic. Scratches buff out easily, and they can also be sanded down and stained different hues
  • Bamboo floors are a great sustainable product to use in your office, however, office chairs can cause visible wear and tear on the most heavily used areas
  • Engineered hardwood is a versatile flooring product made from real wood boards compressed together. This type of flooring comes in almost any color ranging from very dark pigments to lighter hues. It also comes in different styles and looks. Engineered hardwood does not scrape or damage as easily as solid wood or bamboo floors


Carpet is a softer, noise-reducing flooring material that helps with room insulation, making it great for offices in colder areas and where there is more talking, such as in open areas where many people could be talking at once. Carpet comes in many different styles, colors and Stainmaster treatment levels. Choose a carpet that fits your lifestyle. A stain resistant, sturdier carpet works best if you have a high traffic office. Carpet squares offer flexibility if you know certain areas will show wear much faster than others. You can remove and replace any that are badly worn or stained with little trouble.

Other Office Flooring Solutions 

Cement, linoleum, tile and vinyl are easy to keep clean and suffer less wear and tear than hardwood or carpet. Here’s what environment each is best suited for:

  • Cement is a modern option that will open up your space and holds up well under heavy traffic
  • Linoleum is better suited for kitchen areas and lower traffic areas
  • Tile and vinyl are easy to replace in a pinch when sections of a room are damaged

Flooring is the highlight of your office. Beautiful flooring compliments the elegance and decor of the rest of the office. After you have your new floor installed, call Expert Relocation Systems to install your new furniture and office system.

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