Best Ways to Communicate an Office Move to Your Employees

Best Ways to Communicate an Office Move to Your Employees

No business, large, medium or small, takes the need to relocate lightly. It’s an undertaking of massive proportions, especially for large, multi-faceted operations. Properly communicating the move to your employees will go a long way toward making the office relocation proceed as smoothly as possible. Since you’ll need to have everyone on board and preparing to do their part, you should be ready to communicate the news in the best way available for your organization.

Draft a Plan

To effectively announce and relay the information about moving to your employees, come up with a plan involving all of your department executives and managers. Assign them the responsibility of ensuring each employee in their charge receives the message and any ongoing updates. Because corporate cultures and attitudes flow from the top, be nothing but positive about the move. Make sure the upper management team will adopt and maintain a genuine enthusiasm for the project as they notify their sections of the company.

Communicate Early

The actual day of packing and moving may still be a year away, but once the new location is locked in, don’t delay putting out the word. The idea of waiting until the last minute to announce the move so as to allow little time for complaints may be tempting, but that would be a big mistake. It’s better to send the notice, hold the meetings and answer questions early in the game so any opposition can come to light and be respectfully regarded in plenty of time to work out solutions. Employee questions about commute times, parking and workspace changes will crop up. If some employees find the move untenable to their personal situations, you need to know that and be ready for some changes in your staff.

Communicate OftenA big office relocation announcement can't be a one-time thing. Regular newsletters, emails or postings with progress reports are key to generating a company-wide excitement for the move.

A big office relocation announcement can’t be a one-time thing. Regular newsletters, emails or postings with progress reports are key to generating a company-wide excitement for the move. Maintain an enthusiastic tone in all communications, even when the update news means greater challenges to the employees. If you anticipate issues during the move, let the employees offer solutions to their managers. You may be surprised by some very good ideas coming from the trenches.

Generate Employee Buy-In

By keeping your employees in the loop and allowing feedback, you can alleviate their fears of the move and stimulate a team mentality. Once they know they won’t be responsible for the heavy lifting but can retain some say in how their personal workspace comes back together in the new location, most of your employees will take on some extra responsibility. A great idea, if feasible, would be to organize field trips to the new site so the employees can see for themselves what the move is all about.

Partner with a Professional Moving Company

Planning and executing an office relocation with very little downtime requires a concise, detailed plan and a whole lot of labor. There’s a good chance you’ll need professional help to manage the schedules and all the details. Expert Relocation Systems has successfully moved hundreds of businesses over the years. We can expertly handle the initial planning, create and manage the scheduling with IT, vendors, office managers, and shop/warehouse management. We can arrange for storage during the several stages. We’ll also provide protective crates and labor. The list goes on.

In short, we can provide everything for a move exactly as your business requires. If you plan to install new furniture and room dividers, we can even be there to receive the delivery of the new units and assemble them for you. For more information on how we can help your company move, please contact us today. Knowing how easy we can make your relocation, you should have no problem communicating the move to your employees.

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