An Office Guide to Surviving the Move

The daily heat of battle in most businesses is minimized when routine and environment remain constant. This sanctuary gets totally disturbed when the office makes the announcement, “We’re moving!” Typically everyone at the office can experience stress surrounding a move. This blog post is meant to provide a few useful tips to surviving an office move.

1. Preparation – Organization is key to a calm existence during a move. A master list that divides each area is recommended. For example, it is helpful to compile a list for files, computer hardware, supplies, telephones, furniture, and even for pictures on the wall. This way a general categorization can be done to report what is going where. Also, this list provides accountability for others handling the move.

2. Boxes – It is essential to have enough boxes and the proper types of moving storage boxes that meet proper weight requirements. If placing heavy files in a box, it should be designed to carry that weight. The same is true for transporting sensitive digital equipment such as computer screens, hard drives, and servers. Having the right packing gear reduces the potential for accidents and items getting damaged. Knowing items are safe reduces a lot of stress and helps to survive the move.

3. Time Management – An office move is not realistic to occur over one night or on a single day. There are usually a lot of moving parts, scheduling requirements, and other schedules to consider. It is recommended that an office move be done in phases. A week is usually the minimum amount of time needed and it could be longer depending on the nature and size of the business.

4. Labeling – It is vital for surviving a move that each box be labeled and items clearly organized. This is important for two reasons. One, it is a method of cross referencing the master list spreadsheet and making sure that all items are present when the move actually happens. Two, it makes for a seamless move-in once all the items arrive at the office’s new location.

These few tips are meant to help an office successfully relocate while controlling the stress surrounding the preparation, move, and relocation. Our team of professionals has the experience needed to help at every step of the way. We are here to answer any questions and to schedule the perfect time for an office move.

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