8 Surprising Hidden Costs of Moving

8 Hidden Moving Costs

You know you should research your moving company, but did you know you should research the hidden costs of moving, too? Naturally, we’re all familiar with the routine costs, including renting the vans or paying movers, finding or buying a bunch of boxes, and the whole deposit shebang. But moving can hit you with some truly surprising costs when you least expect it. It’s prudent, therefore, to ensure you budget a little extra in case you encounter one of these eight hidden costs below … or something else entirely!

Replacement Items

Surprisingly, one of the hidden costs of moving has nothing to do with the move itself. Simply replacing “expendable” items like cleaning supplies when you arrive at your new destination can be very costly.

Incorrect Estimates

Estimates given over the phone, where movers cannot see your office or items to be moved, are necessarily rough. Don’t treat them as final. You can, however, call a moving company and schedule a time for a real estimate at your office, which should be more accurate.

Moving Tips

Storage Costs

If for some reason (weather, blocked roads, etc.) you must change your moving date, you may be stuck paying for storage in your old or new location, which can add up quickly. Plus, you might have to pay for two moving trips instead of one.

Environmental Costs

Okay, so this one’s not about you, exactly. It’s important to remember, though, that your move affects the Earth as well as your working environment, and you should make every effort to move in an ecologically friendly fashion. This includes donating items you won’t need so you don’t use gas to ship them, avoiding excessive packing materials that damage the environment, and using eco-friendly cleaning supplies during your deep clean.

Broken Belongings

Delicate belongings often are broken in moves, especially if you pack without the help of professional movers. If the items are irreplaceable, there’s nothing anyone can do. If not, it always helps to have insurance. Which leads us to …

Failing to Insure

When you don’t insure your belongings, you’re out of luck if something breaks. Movers are required to offer two types of insurance, and sometimes offer a third, but they aren’t required to compensate you for anything if you do not buy insurance. Avoid the possibility of being unable to replace something valuable, and buy at least basic insurance for your move.

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Lost Deposits

Sad to say, but some office renters never see their deposits. This can be particularly tough when you’re counting on it for your next place. Many people are in such a hurry to move on that they fail to take into account what needs to happen in order to reclaim their deposit. If you don’t want this to happen to you, read your lease for instructions, then start cleaning or hire a reputable service.

Transportation Surcharges

Some moving companies charge for operating in cities where labor costs are higher. Ask if your moving company is one of them beforehand so that you aren’t surprised by your bill later. Again, this is a good reason to read all materials the moving company gives you before it’s time to pay up.

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