7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Mover

7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Mover

A big part of choosing the right movers is asking the right questions. Use the answers below to determine if a relocation service you are considering is truly the right match for your business.

7 Important Questions to Ask a Mover Before you Hire Them—and the Answers you Need to Hear

Have you ever moved a business before?

Residential and commercial moving are two totally different things, and movers who know how to move a home may be able to relocate your furniture, but they won’t be able to help with much beyond heavy lifting. Movers that are experienced in commercial relocation can lessen your downtime and make sure your office move is as stress free as possible.

How long have you been in business?

An experienced mover is your best bet if you have a complex move. Taking a chance on a new business, on inexperienced movers, or on a business that is barely established could impact you in several harmful ways. An inexperienced mover may not understand all that is involved with your move and could make costly mistakes on your estimate, or on the move itself. For best results, put your business in the hands of a professional when you move your office.

Are you licensed and insured?

A mover that gets injured on your property or in your office could become a problem if they lack insurance. You’ll be entrusting costly furniture and equipment into the hands of the moving professionals who will be doing your relocation—what happens if they break an expensive piece of your equipment or drop a priceless piece of artwork? Know who will pay the bill if something goes wrong before it happens, just in case.

Pro Tip: Ask about expertise with specialty items

How binding is your estimate?

If the work ends up taking longer than anticipated or the workers run into unexpected delays that are not your fault, will you be charged more than expected? An estimate should be binding, meaning the movers will charge you no more than the stated amount, regardless of how long the work takes. Ask this question and you will not be surprised by hidden moving costs.

How long will my move take?

You need this figure not only to estimate the move itself, but to know just how much downtime you should anticipate for your business. Do not forget to add the time it takes for your staffers to set back up and get fully operational again once their furniture, equipment and supplies are in place.

Do you have relevant references?

Relevant is the key word here, as a residential moving company hoping to break into commercial moves may offer you happy homeowner testimonials. To get an accurate idea of what to expect from the movers, any references should be from commercial moves and should ideally be from a business of the same size or larger than your own.

Do you have any experience or expertise with moving specialty items?

Businesses with lab or healthcare equipment, those with large mainframes or computer equipment, or those with art or specialty collections need to know that those expensive items are in good hands. Ideally, the mover you choose will understand that your original Warhol or your DaVinci surgery robot needs special care.


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