5 Tips For Saving Money During Your Office Move

Space planning and fitting furniture where you want it at destination is an integral part of relocating an office. With a proper space plan in place, labeling is seamless and the move can happen quickly and without surprises. Without a plan, labeling will be inconsistent and the office move can be inefficient, and as well all know, inefficiency can end up costing your business money. Here’s how you can help your mover streamline your office move:

1. Develop a Plan 

The most important step is to develop a plan based on the available space in the new office. Do not assume how and where furniture will fit into the new space. Use precise measurements and coordinate a layout which will allow the team to identify the issues before moving day. Problems now will generally only require some better organization and space planning, but problems on moving day are going to cost and likely stretch your relocation budget. 

2. Challenge the Plan 

Space planning should not be limited solely to the team responsible for the design. When designing a department, seek input from the people who will work in it because they will likely have practical concerns that you would not otherwise have considered. It is also imperative to coordinate with the departments and third-party vendors who will utilize space, such as those who will install computer equipment and security systems. 

3. Hire a Professional 

It is possible that the relocation is simply too large and complex to handle the space planning on your own. There are professionals available who specialize in space planning, and many of the top moving companies have them on staff. If the job is too big, consider hiring a pro. 

4. Seek Advice 

Even if you handle the design yourself, seek an outside opinion. Show your plan to Expert Relocation Systems before finalizing it. We have a great deal of experience and may be able to identify problem areas that your team was unable to recognize. 

5. Create a Diagram 

Once the space planning is finalized, create diagrams and provide Expert Relocation Systems with copies of those diagrams. Have additional copies and make those available on the day of the move. Diagrams and clear instructions allow the movers to move furniture and other items efficiently. Without a diagram and clear instructions, it is likely that furniture will be moved more than once and items will be delivered to the wrong locations which ends up requiring reorganization.


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