4 Tips for Choosing Your Office Moving Company

It’s time to move the office, but that’s not an undertaking to go alone. Looking through various publications shows that there are plenty of movers who advertise, but it’s hard to figure out exactly who to hire for the next office move. Here are a few tips to picking the best moving company for the upcoming move.

1. Establish a budget. Moving can get expensive, especially a full service move that deals with a lot of sensitive, hard-to-pack equipment. Talk to a variety of moving companies well before the intended move date to figure out which one works best for the set budget and where the company needs to cut back to fit within a realistic moving budget.

2. Look for an insured, bonded company within the local region. If something happens to the business equipment, it could put the company on a hiatus for a significant period of time and result in major losses. Avoid income loss by making sure that the moving company has insurance that covers loss of use.

3. Look into data safety regulation compliance on behalf of the moving company. This is especially important for businesses who deal with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations, customer credit cards and Social Security data. Information security is a rising concern, especially after recent major data breaches, and businesses are particularly vulnerable to identity theft while in the middle of a move.

4. Determine whether to do the packing yourself or to let the moving company handle it. If the business handles the packing directly, it may be able to get recommended packing materials directly from the moving company. Expert advice on how to safely package sensitive equipment helps save frustration down the road when it comes time to get everything loaded up for moving day. Since business equipment is essential to getting back up and running, it’s especially important to try to keep everything as safe and secure as possible during the moving process.

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