Planning an Office Move – How to Prep those Odd Items for Relocation

Are you planning an office move and need help on how to move those odd shaped, big or miscellaneous items? Expert Relocation Systems can help! Use these 5 tips on how to move your office furniture, contents and effects.

1. Mark Everything Clearly

One of the best tips for moving miscellaneous items is to label everything clearly despite how hectic everything might be. It is useful to write down on the outside of the box where the box is supposed to go, such as filing room, reception area, or specific offices. This allows us to save the business time by appropriately delivering the boxes to the correct areas. Also, label every piece of any furniture which breaks apart into 1 or more components. Using notations like “1 of 2” and “2 of 2” helps us to know when we’ve delivered the complete set and can begin resinstallation.  

2. Box Fragile Items Separately

Expert Relocation Systems will take good care of all of your company’s items, and fragile items will get extra consideration. Fragile items should be wrapped in an appropriate packing material such as bubble wrap or newsprint. They should be kept together, and the boxes that contain them should be clearly marked as fragile. This will make sure that the items get special attention such as being packed in a safer location on the moving truck. 

3. Place Plants And Similar Items Separately

Items that cannot be safely boxed, such as plants and certain items of decor, should be placed in a specific area so that we can handle and move those items separately. Plants and similar items can be moved last so that they are protected from possible damage from other objects in the moving truck. Some damage-preventative measures can be used as well, such as wrapping bushy plants with twine before moving them so that their leaves and branches are not shaken loose or damaged. 

4. Plan For The Items That Need To Be Moved Last

Often, a business will need to remain operational until the very last minute. This means that things like the computers and servers may not be able to be moved until everything else has already been prepared. The business should make a complete list of the items that need to be moved from origin last and delivered to destination first. The provisions for those items should be communicated to Expert Relocation Systems in advance.  

5. Mark All The Items That Need To Be Placed On The Wall

Items that are taken down off of the walls should be taken down and the devices used to adhere them to the walls, such as screws and nails, should be affixed directly to the items ensuring that the hardware does not get lost. These items should be marked “wall hanging’ so that they can be delivered and unpacked last, after all of the furniture and other contents have already been delivered and placed.


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